Outpace The Competition.

Your Best Kept Secret to Strengthening Pipelines, Shortening Sales Cycles, and Delivering Qualified Leads to Sales.

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We help companies get the most out of their existing marketing assets to produce more revenue using:

If you’re increasingly under pressure to produce more revenue to outpace competition, Couch & Associates can help you drive more and better quality leads from marketing investments and give your sales team the tools they need to close more business.

Using a ‘set and forget’ marketing process means having multi-step marketing campaigns run on auto-pilot.

Automating your marketing process could increase your operational efficiency and drive the sales process.

Best Practices Consulting. Our design and technical teams provide leading solutions: optimizing email templates, landing pages, dynamic web sites, personalized Hypersites & Microsites, HTML Content, and multi-touch Event campaigns.

Design and Development. Among our solutions, optimizing email templates, landing pages, web sites, and personalized Hypersites & Microsites, HTML Content, and Event campaigns is our top goal that’s deployed by our design and technical teams.

Lead Nurturing and Scoring Programs. Defining lead quality objectives is a key component of our client campaigns and one of the main reasons we drive results. Our clients have found that, on average, deal close rates increased by 30%, company revenue increased by 18% and the revenue per deal increased by 17% using lead nurturing and scoring programs.

Performance Measurement Reporting. C&A designs and builds Reports that improve performance. We will help you tightly measure success of your marketing programs by building reporting systems to track end-to-end campaign performance.

Your Existing Database is a Goldmine.

Get more out of it by using automated nurturing programs to engage and stay in front of prospects throughout the sales cycle.

C&A works with marketers who are looking for an efficient way to stay in front of prospects. You need to get more qualified leads to Sales, and because you do, it’s not always necessary to take money out of your marketing budget to acquire new contacts — you can get even more with your current assets.

Produce more revenue with your current database by using:

Lead Nurturing Programs. Focus on the leads you already have, the ones that aren’t ready to buy just yet. This way, you can stay in front of unseasoned prospects by keeping them engaged, and when they are ready to buy — your company will be first on their mind.

Integrated and Measurable Technology. Demand generation allows you to drive, track, and respond to web-based activities with customized marketing campaigns.

Structured Sales Processes. Shorten sales cycles in B2B and B2C environments to drive more qualified leads to Sales.

Drip Campaigns. Automatically funnel leads to the right sales person with the right message, using the right medium at the right time.

Manage Event Campaigns. With automated, pre-configured processes, you can manage events in a snap without losing efficiency on the most repetitive of tasks.

Building awareness with prospects in your existing database means integrating an all-encompassing viral marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, Events, Pay-Per-Click and Search Engine Optimization campaigns to build a steady inflow of qualified leads to Sales with a shortened sales cycle.

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Get to Know Your Customers.

C&A can implement a powerful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

An effective CRM system brings multiple benefits: You can centralize your contacts, extend your reach and consolidate your pipeline. It will also help you become a key, recognized player in a demanding B2B environment.

Boost sales with C&A’s Customer Relationship Management System:

We’ll tailor the system to suit your specific needs, and integrate it with the marketing automation power of Eloqua.

We also use industry-leading platforms such as Salesforce.com, Siebel on Demand, Microsoft CRM 3.0/4.0 and NetSuite.

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Conduct CRM Integration. We’ll build custom links, conduct API integration and manage your online business.

Align Sales & Marketing. When your Marketing and Sales’ team are on the same page, you’re guaranteed to generate more qualified (and quantifiable) leads.

Increase Your Organizational Visibility. We’ll help you track your pipeline, analyze and migrate contact information, and ensure your database is up-to-date.

Application Implementation & Configuration. Users can easily access and share information. For administrators, clients and projects, we’ll configure your system to reach your goals.

Data Migration & Cleansing. Bad data is costly! C&A can build processes to import and clean data upon input, providing immediate and future benefits. We’ll help turn your data into sales.

Training & Support. Our C&A team includes leaders in the field, and they’re more than happy to teach you how to get the most out of your CRM. We offer full technical support and data configuration (we’ll take care of every piece of the puzzle).

Create a Path Easily Travelled.

Your customers will thank you.

C&A can create a fully scalable CMS platform to help your users easily navigate your websites, landing pages, intranets and extranets.

We’ll make sure they engage with the most relevant information and features by creating customizable, on-demand pages. We work with CMS Solutions from Drupal, Joomla, Vignette and Sitecore.

Our system will centralize data, and capture valuable information about your users (thanks to the science of usability). In turn, we can create more meaningful experiences for prospects and clients; and provide intuitively organized information to contribute to a significantly improved online experience.

Shift your entire marketing and sales process into a fully automated experience:

Content Integration. Cut down navigation time with intuitively organized and easy-to-navigate content.

Optimization. With the help of CRM, we can include personalized messages in your email marketing, making every customer feel like a priority.

Automated Account Changes. Automatically update customer portals in CRM along with analytics and reporting.

User Engagement. Enjoy higher user engagement and better conversions through targeted content on websites, e-Commerce sites, intranets or extranets.

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Streamline Your Way to Success.

Tired of taking the same repetitive manual steps? Use our fully-automated, streamlined system for your marketing campaigns (and reduce costs associated with those tired processes).

C&A will help you solve the most difficult business and technical problems, while improving operational efficiency and impacting your ROI.

By completely automating your campaigns (like 25% of Eloqua customers do within their first year), you’ll have more time to focus on strategic initiatives. You can reduce risks, enhance productivity and neatly integrate your platforms.

Choose our automated solutions, and get more out of every campaign:

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Data Management. C&A can help manage all your processes and resources in all aspects of the data cycle. We can ensure data is available, accurate, complete and secure; thereby improving response rate.

API Integration. Want to connect and share data across multiple applications? We’ll help you create a single, architecturally consistent integration platform.

Congruent System Design. Enjoy a complete and streamlined process for all your marketing and sales initiatives.

Message Deployment. Message deployment – a part of nurturing programs – is designed to personalize messages from a Sales Representative or Account Manager in CRM.

Trigger Communications. You have the ability to personalize data with prospects, reduce the sales cycle and pass more qualified leads to sales.

Enable Sales. Your Sales Representatives and Account Managers can add new contacts directly to lead nurturing programs through CRM links.

It's Time to Think More Strategically.

C&A can help.

Work with us, and we’ll improve your operational efficiency.

How? We’ll introduce leading Business Intelligence tools to help uncover inefficient processes. We’ll analyze your current workflow and highlight impediments to revenue growth. (and if you want more directions, just ask).

Want a competitive advantage? No problem. C&A offers completely integrated “big picture” solutions, giving you more time for strategic initiatives, face-time with clients or your next ground-breaking development.

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Enjoy a distinct advantage with our Business Intelligence solutions:

Business Process Engineering. Our efficient, automated tools will simplify your marketing and sales process and drive organizational success.

Marketing and Sales Alignment. We’ll help you drive the most qualified sales leads by creating common definitions and goals for your marketing campaigns.

Improving the Overall Marketing Plan. We can map your Marketing Automation System to complement your overall plan, and improve operational efficiency.

Best Practice Coaching & Training. With our top consultants, account & project managers, design & technical teams, we’ll bring value-added knowledge to your marketing and sales process.

Want a Picture-Perfect Campaign?

No problem. We can build you an interactive website that’s mobile-friendly. We can rebrand your business. We can provide creative consulting too. And we can turn it all into successful, measureable results to expand your reach and optimize your entire marketing process.

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Our in-house team includes the best and brightest creative talents. They’ve developed thousands of solutions for over 200 clients. They’ve also earned the trust of our top clients (who look to us for the right visuals for their campaigns).

Couch & Associates specializes in:

Social Media. We engineer social media strategies to ensure you deliver an effective and clearly defined message.

Design Consulting. Through a delicate balance of design and usability, we create engaging and meaningful experiences for users. (It keeps them reading your websites, landing pages and emails.)

Branding. As your company evolves, you need to re-evaluate your brand. We’ll help you identify your goals and positioning, and design a distinct branding package.

Graphic Design. We want to drive traffic to your site. By employing the best interactive designs, we’re able to create visual appeal and higher conversions.

Website Development. We can create fully optimized websites and graphics, leading you to higher conversions and ROI.

Mobile design. Mobile users are always looking for a richer mobile web experience – so we’ll arm you with a smart, mobile-friendly design.

Simplify. Succeed. Repeat.

We’ll speed up customer response times, and put your most successful campaigns on repeat (why change a good thing?).

Launching a product or event? We’ll use our measured, proven and successful Campaign Management integration. We’ll give you everything you need to quickly deploy, monitor, track and manage various, multi-channel promotions (each with individual content, notifications and reminders).

“Campaigns that target based on Web-site user click-stream data generate conversion rates that outperform untargeted broadcast campaigns by nearly 4 to 1.” – Jupiter Research

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C&A currently deploys automated campaign solutions for over 200 clients, including Cisco, Open Text, Adobe and Chamberlain College.

Campaign Management Solutions deliver smart campaigns – and significantly improved results:

Email Marketing. You can create, distribute, edit and track all email communications with prospects and clients.

Controlled Sales Efforts. Your sales team can send one-to-one emails to prospects; create follow-up pieces; track emails and replies; and know when recipients open emails.

Trigger Pre-Defined Campaigns. Need to up-sell? Automatically trigger pre-defined campaigns based on previous product purchases and usage. Pulling lists based on behaviour and segments is a thing of the past.

Database Integration. Load and format data into your CRM.

“Increasing response rates from 2 to 3 percent on a campaign targeting an audience of 20,000 prospects for a product with an average selling price of $200,000 generates an additional $1M in revenue.”

Streamline Campaigns. You can deploy a single program – and deliver your relevant message – with customized content sections based on your recipient’s industry, title or geographic location and more.

Extensive Functionality. Upload data such as past purchases; ticketing; refer-a-friend capabilities; and download history.

Database Integration. Load and format data into your CRM.

Advanced Secure Reporting Module. You can report on individual influencer and threshold information.

Create Content That Works.

C&A can create content that will help showcase the industry leader that you are.

We’ll make sure that that you are presenting the right information to the right audiences and prospects. With all the variety and choices that have become available in recent years, it’s often difficult to understand where to start and what to write. Let us take care of this for you.

Finding the right angle with content allows companies to position themselves at the top of the competitor list. With your help, we can find the right messaging.

Building long-term relationships is an important goal in any business, and the better the acquisition strategy in the early stages of relationship building, the stronger the relationship will be in the long-term.

Take a chance. We'll help you develop your own unique voice hitting the right nerve with your perfect prospects

Build Dialogue. What are the needs of your audience? Let's develop this out together. In turn, you'll build meaningful conversations that will benefit all parties involved.

Establish Authority. C&A will help prove you are the industry leader that you are! Incorporating your industry knowledge into your publications will show just that!

Inspire Trust. Let's develop effective content marketing that will influence prospects buying decisions. By pulling prospects' in by inspiring them with trust, you make the process of discovering your expertise and knowledge more enjoyable.

Timing. As they say; Timing is everything. You can expect us to help you understand what type of publications should be used during specific timing in the sales cycle.

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