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Leaders in Marketing Automation
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Leaders in Marketing Automation
We're Hiring
Our Story
 Platinum Oracle Partner

Think Differently About Marketing

Quality data drives the success of marketing campaigns and yields quality leads.
In the modern marketing landscape, budget can be wasted on traditional mediums that don't provide measurable results.
Leveraging big data allows you to make informed choices and provides richer, faster and actionable customer insights.

At Couch & Associates we build resilient brands.

Our agile framework enables companies to adapt to the constantly changing marketing landscape. By utilizing your existing data, we accelerate your buying cycles, improve your conversion rates and drive measurable ROI. Our team of innovative marketers use an integrated approach to provide best-in-class solutions and execute award-winning campaigns. We ensure the right message is being delivered to the right person at the right time.
We put you in front of the companies you want as customers.

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Featured Verticals

At Couch & Associates, we have created marketing solutions for clients across a wide variety of industries. We have experience working with companies specializing in Business Solutions, Education, Financial Services, Life Sciences and Healthcare, Manufacturing, Sports and Entertainment, Technology, and Travel and Tourism. We create industry-specific strategies to meet your business needs.

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We Solve Problems.

At Couch & Associates, we create automated marketing solutions that allow you to employ the "set it and forget it" technique. Instead of doing the same mundane, repetitive tasks, you can focus on developing more ground-breaking initiatives.
(And if you want inspiration, we can help you see the big picture too.)

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We Partner with the Best in the Industry.

We partner with the most acclaimed innovators and vendors, making us the No. 1 choice for your marketing needs. We have years of experience; we have the knowledge and expertise; and we have the passion and dedication. We can deploy virtually any marketing automation and sales strategy using the best tools on the market.

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Hear what other B2B marketers have to say about Couch & Associates marketing solutions. Read specific case studies to learn how companies like OpenText, Perceptive Software, Box and Chamberlain College of Nursing reached more buyers and generated more high quality inbound leads with Couch & Associates.

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"Creating that flexibility and maintaining control at the same time was a strategic matter to us.
Couch & Associates was the first agency to work with us on this level."

Mandy Nolen, Director of Interactive Marketing

"Couch & Associates has the ability to simplify a complicated idea and
will work step-by-step to implement it successfully."

Email Marketing Specialist

"The beauty of the marketing programs Couch & Associates built out, is that they're built for scale and longevity. These programs are sustainable for the long term."

Joyce Sohn, Product Marketing Manager

"Couch & Associates acted as our strategic partner by validating our ideas, improving on those ideas and showing us ways to do things more efficiently and effectively."

Kristin Wagner, Director, Demand Generation

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